Welcome to Hazara University’s Media House   (HUMH)


Initially the idea was FM Campus Radio

Later developed as HUMH

HUMH will be Working under the Department of Communication and Media Studies and Board of Advisors, comprises of  experts for advise and as vigil eye.

An opportunity for learning Foreign Languages

HUMH objectives are;

1. To impart practical journalistic skills in Print, Radio &TV to CMS students, local journalists and interested students of Hazara University

2.  Hub of Internship for CMS students in all media fields

3. Publicity organ for Hazara University’s

academic and extra curricular activities

HUMH Board of Advisors comprises of;

  1. Head of Department of CMS
  2. Dean of Arts
  3. Director Research & Planning
  4. One senior faculty member of CMS

HUMH Organizational Chart

HUMH organs are;

  1. HazaraUniversityBroadcastingAcademy (HUBA)
  2. Campus Radio FM 98.6
  3. HU Television Academy (HUTA)
  4. HU Television (HUTV)
  5. Print Media Lab
  6. Digital Media Lab
  7. Foreign Languages Centre (FLC)

HUBA is;

HUBA is under construction with  financial and technical support of Internews with cost of Rs.4 million

An MoU has been signed with Internews for establishment and provision of equipments, trainings

Completion by the end of October, 2010–INSHA-ALLAH

HUBA consist of;

State of the Art  Off-Air studio

Well-equipped 12 training booths

Television watching facility

Latest photocopier machine

Fax facility

Internal networking

Internet access


HUBA consist of;


Training Room

Fully air-conditioned

HUBA will provide;

The latest training facility for JMC faculty, students and working Radio journalists by national and international experts/trainers.

Internship opportunity for JMC students in Radio Journalism

Support CMS students to produce Radio programme for Campus Radio FM 98.6

(News, Documentaries and Dramas on social/educational issues, agricultural programmes for the local agricultural community and other programmes under the PEMRA rules.)

HUBA (Planned by Internews)

HUBA Organizational structure;

Campus Radio FM 98.6 

We are thankful to Ikram-ul-Haq Salehry, student of

       Fine Arts Department for designing this FM log

Campus Radio FM98.6 short history is;

Project was initiated in the beginning of 2008

Applied for license in July 2008

PMERA issued license on 11th August 2009

Frequency is FM 98.6 , allocated by FAB

Test transmission since June 16, 2010

FM Campus Radio consist of;

One of the best On-Air studio

500 watt FM transmitter (Siel—Made in Italy)

Full secured/safe120 feet high galvanized tower

4 dipole transmission antenna

12 km radius

Latest mixer board, 03 computers and other equipments donated by Internews at the cost of Rs.0.5 million (this is earlier donation received in May 2008)

FM Campus Radio transmission;

3 Hours transmission


Social/Educational Documentaries

Dramas on social/educational issues

Information based programmes


Health awareness

FM Campus Radio transmission;

On Demand (telephone calls response on certain issues, non film songs, national songs, naat, tilawat etc)

Experts’ lectures/Talk Shows

Personality’s interviews

Agricultural programmes

Special programmes on national celebrations

Any other programme under the PEMRA rules

Licence award ceremony;

CMS  faculty members is briefing the students on Radio programmes production at Campus Radio FM 98.6

CMS students during production of Radio programmes for Campus Radio FM 98.6

CMS students during pre-transmission editorial meeting  at Campus Radio FM 98.6

CMS students during transmission at On-Air studio at Campus Radio FM 98.6

CMS student performing as presenter at Campus Radio FM 98.6

Campus Radio FM 98.6 
Organizational chart;

Campus Radio FM 98.6 coverage map

HU Television Academy (HUTA) &
HU Television ;

Are our next projects

Will be initiated in the beginning of next year———INSHA ALLAH.

Home work for the establishment is in full swing

Hunt for potential donors

HUTA & HU TV will be;

Like a full fledged TV Training Academy & Television station

Training facilities will be available to JMC faculty, students, local journalists and interested students of Hazara University

Publicity organ of Hazara University

HU TV Organisational structure

HUTA Organisational structure

Print Media Lab is;

A small scale newspaper news room

Place to learn print media skills

Will publish campus newspaper

Print Media Lab is consisting of;

Sub-editing section

Page Designing section

Reporting section

Print Media Lab is opportunity;

For CMS Students to undertake their internship

To improve Public Relations for HazaraUniversity

Print Media Lab Organisation Chart;

Foreign Languages Centre will;

Offer 3 & 6 months certificate and

one year PostGraduateDiploma courses in:






Foreign Languages Centre is;

Golden chance to learn foreign languages

Efforts for Foreign Languages Centre;

  Establishing contacts with Cultural Wings of the relevant embassies for support

Encouraging response is received

MoU signed with;

DW –Radio Germany for Radio training

Internews for establishment of HUBA and training

Intermedia for capacity building of faculty, students and working journalists

MoU signed with;

FM Radio Dawa Academy, IIU Islamabad for faculty and student training

Uks NGO for students capacity building

MoU with VoA is in progress for faculty and students’ training and exchange programme

Liaison with national/local Journalists’ Bodies;

Close liaison with Press Clubs

Journalists Organisations

Media setups

Media Regularity bodies

Co-operational Links with;


National and

International media organisations for faculty and students training, internship and employment


National public sector universities

Visits to media organisations;

Frequent visits of the faculty and

students to various local and national

media set-up including;

Geo TV

Dawn TV

Pakistan Television Peshawar


Visits to media organisations;

BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation)

PBC (Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation)

APP (Associated Press of Pakistan)

Daily The News-International

Daily Jang-Rawalpindi

Daily Dawn-Islamabad

Daily Aaj Abbottabad



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