Media has been considered as fourth pillar of a state since the inception of democratic form of governments around the globe as media is supposed to educate, inform, entertain and guide the masses in right direction in most aspects of life. The growing involvement of media in the global affairs and its potentials to mould public opinion, a great need was felt to establish media teaching institutions to produce highly skilled professionals in the field to serve the society in the best way.

Keeping in view importance of the subject, Hazara University, Mansehra took serious steps to establish a media studies department equipped with all facilities so as to play its due role in the development of the society.  The objectives were to produce media graduates, with adequate media education, public relations, advertising, and communication skills for media organizations to serve the county. Consequently the Department of Communication & Media Studies was established which started functioning in October 2006 with admissions/intake for Fall- semester 2006.

 The department is currently offering undergraduate and graduate courses in the area of communications & media studies, however, will resume offering admissions into MPhil in near future after fulfilling the HEC requirement. The Department has been producing a good number of young and energetic media graduates equipped with theoretical as well as practical knowledge of the subject enabling them to go beyond the routine duty of not only production of news and other programmes for the print and electronic media but to work for the betterment and development of the country. The Department has been updating its curriculum on regular basis and teaches a variety of subjects across a range of contexts, including face-to-face interactions, public discourse, mass media, and digital media. The research and teaching in the department aims at enhancing critical awareness and role of mass media in an increasingly global society. Using both humanistic and social scientific approaches, the areas of focus at the department are;

  • Communication and Culture
  • Mass Communication
  • Development Support Communication
  • Public Relations and Advertising
  • Journalistic Writing
  • Contemporary Mass Media
  • Mass Media Development
  • Social Psychology
  • International Communication
  • Political communication
  • Economics, Political science etc

Faculty members, associated teaching staff and students work across these domains to cultivate a collaborative and inclusive scholarly community. At the graduate level, the department presents students with an integrated curriculum based upon principles of intellectual and cultural pluralism. Undergraduate study develops communication literacy, teaches important methods of inquiry, theories, and concepts, and promotes community engagement. A concentration in journalism prepares students for careers in different media outlets.

In order to keep pace with the challenging environment in the field of media, the need to develop new methodologies using mass media for the development of the country is quite high. Invariably, the communication studies have to respond to the changing needs of the time. Owing to such challenges ahead, the department has organized extensive communication and media studies programmes to cater to the needs of modern times by producing highly skilled media practitioners and media graduates. The Department encompass a wide variety of disciplines, starting from the basic perspectives of the field of Mass Communication and moving on to explore each area of the discipline through broad exposure to industry and practical assignments along with added emphasis on media research methods. The focus is on analytical and historical perspectives. The teaching methodology aimed at to develop in students the ability to assess the roles and effects of mass media on society and life, and helps them gain specific media production skills through extensive practical work.


The Department of Communication & Media Studies has mission to promote student learning, innovation and development through carefully designed and delivered courses of teaching and research and critical thinking skills relevant to the present challenges in the fields of new media, advertising, public relations, creative media and digital communication. The goal is to produce graduates who are able to participate and do well as media professionals as well as socially responsible and proactive citizens in society at large.


The Department of Communication & Media Studies offers a variety of specialised areas of mass communication including Print Media, Electronic Media; Television & Radio, Social Media, Advertising and Public Relations.



To provide its students real media environment and facilities at door-steps, the Department of Communication & Media Studies have;

  • Campus Radio FM 98.6
  • Campus Newspaper, The Campus Observer
  • Television and radio studios
  • Social Media Lab
  • Own website cmhu.edu.pk
  • State-of-the-art multimedia lab

The Department has already kicked off academic and professional training developmental programmes including FM Campus Radio station, TV production House and Print Newsroom to impart professional skills in electronic journalism and print journalism respectively with the financial assistance of Higher Education Commission (HEC), Government of Pakistan. The department teaches a number of courses in computer labs and the Radio studio. Students also have access to digital audio recorders and digital editing facilities.

  • Campus Radio

In the first phase, FM Radio station has been established in the department with the help of HEC financial support. The project is multi-purposes, it will not only provide an opportunity for the students to have a good hand on the emerging technologies in the field of broadcasting but will also provide entertainment, information, and education to the people living in the vicinity of the varsity.

  • Campus Newspaper

To train students for the print media, the department has launched a monthly tabloid newspaper to provide skills in reporting, editing, page designing/page makeup and composing at home. The whole process is run by teachers and students of the department. Students are assigned to cover events on the campus besides educational activities across the country.

  • Campus Television and Production House

TV Production House is another facility for those interested to join electronic media as profession in future. It provides broad based knowledge of TV Journalism both theoretical and practical. Highly skilled professional staff of the TV Production House provides up-to-date training to the students that make them an indispensable asset for electronic media.

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