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The main purpose of the FM Campus Radio Station at the Department of Communication and Media studies is educational and professional. It is geared towards training of the students to equip them with technological know-how in the field of Radio Journalism. The campus radio station will be a springboard to launch students into the practical world and the job market with sufficient technical and professional skills. In addition to acquiring technical expertise in the field of electronic media, students will also be trained to prepare, direct, and produce audience and community-oriented programmes, which will address the problems facing the target community. This will enable the students to produce programmes hands-on, which is the best method of learning-by-doing. The Hazara University Campus Radio Station will cater to the social and cultural needs of the campus community and of the people living in the adjoining areas. Besides, promoting national integration, sovereignty, civic spirit, and Islamic values among its target group, the station will promote the image of Hazara University. Furthermore, this station will provide healthyentertainment; disseminate information about various undergraduate, graduate, postgraduate and professional degree programmes; educate the target group about health, environment, human rights, drug abuse; promote culture of tolerance; motivate students for a goal-oriented future; and preserve local and national cultural heritage.

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