Media studies’ Students up for Midas and Channel 24

ONLINE REPORT: – Department of Communication and Media Studies
(CMS) arranged a study tour especially for BS 6 tth , 4th and 1 st students to
advertising agency “Midas” and “Channel 24” in Islamabad. Mr Azhar Rashid
and Mr. Noor Nabi lectures at department of CMS were along with the
students. Representatives of Midas and Channel 24 briefed the students and they
visited different sections of the two organizations.
The tour was for the betterment of the students so that they can learn the
techniques and tactics of these organizations. Students visited different sections
of Midas and Channel 24 such as creative departments, virtual studio, post
production site, production area, news studio section, backup office, monitoring
room etc. Students also participated in the questions answers session. Many
questions were asked by the students regarding their subjects and got answers
by the representatives of the two organizations. Mr Hassan Qureshi ,
representative of Midas briefed about clientele, how to generate revenue, TVC
and drama production detail while Mr Ali. Senior producer at channel 24 told
the students about different sections of news media organization and their
Talking to Online, Mr. Noor Nabi said, “These types of sessions are very
fruitful for students. It is necessary to have practical knowledge along with
theory. “We are looking forward for more study tours to various organizations
for the bright future of students”, he added. Talking to Online, Mr Azhar Rashid
said, “Advertising is such a unique and different work in media houses. You are
unable to work in any advertising agency until you have passion for this field”.
“This tour motivated students for advertising agency” he added.
By Momina Nusrat