NAB chairman reviews performance of bureau

SLAMABAD: National Accountability Bureau Chairman Justice (retired) Javed Iqbal on Thursday chaired a meeting to review the performance of operation and prosecution division.

The meeting reviewed the overall progress of NAB cases especially the mega corruption cases. Last year in October NAB chairman had ordered taking 179 Mega corruption cases to the logical conclusion as per law immediately after assumption of his responsibilities.

The meeting said that NAB had made significant progress and with 101 corruption references have been filed in the relevant accountability courts from out of a total of 179 mega corruption cases.  The legal proceedings are continuing in the respective accountability courts as per law.

The chairman NAB said that NAB is committed to eradicating corruption across the board by adopting “Accountability for All” policy so that corrupt should be brought to justice. There have been 19 inquiries made and 23 investigations are being conducted in NAB with 36 cases already been disposed of to their logical conclusion.

He asked NAB Operation and Prosecution Wings to further improve the quality of corruption references and include references of law and various decisions of similar natures etc. He also appreciated the performance of Operation and Prosecution Wings and hope that they will continue to pull up their responsibilities with best of their abilities as per law.

The references filed in the respective Accountability Courts would be successful and the conviction ratio of 76 of NAB will be enhanced in the days to come on the basis of law and solid evidence.

Regional DGs were directed to conclude the pending inquiries investigations within the stipulated timeframe of ten months besides the mega corruption cases.