Time always runs and changes the generation. It is the biggest truth of life and no one can deny this. The
world is changing at a rapid pace and thus the difference between people born in different times is
inevitable. As the time swifts and so the generation, the mindset of people, their thoughts, their actions,
their views, opinions etc everything changes thus creating a gap between the people of the older
generations and the new one. This gap is generally termed as generation gap.
The generation or generational gap is a term given to the difference between two generations. It is a
term often used to state the difference of opinions between children, parents or grandparents.
According to Wikipedia, “A generation or generational gap is the difference of opinions between one
generation and another regarding beliefs, politics or values.” Generation gap can also be defined as,
“Difference or distance in people’s age attitude, opinions, thoughts, style, fashion and values is called as
generation gap”.
Major gap of generation occurs between the people with the age above 60s and below 20s. People of
middle age still relates with both generations. One side they follow their traditions and values and on
the other side they move with the new technology which constantly is improving to the betterment.
The people belonging to different generation have been given different names for instance those born
before independence have been named as the TRADITIONALISTS, the generation after that is called as
BABY BOOMERS, those born between 1965 and 1980 are called GENERATION X, and those between
1980 and 1999 are known as the GENERATION Y.
Earlier sociologist Karl Mannheim observed different behaviors of how youth transits into adulthood.
The sociological theory first came into light in 1960s when the younger generation (baby boomers) go
against the beliefs and thoughts and the traditions that their parents or grandparents followed. Those
kids followed their own sets of rules, style, fashions and social matters etc. Entertainment industry was
the biggest cause for this as youngsters of that time were much affected by the entertainment industry
and were the big follower of it.
The biggest reason for the generation gap is the lack of communication among the elders and
youngsters and strictness of mentality. Lack of joint family also creates the problem because the
younger ones rarely meet their grandparents or elders so having a communication gap. Children enjoys
the company of their friends rather their family, which in turn create problems. Lack of friendship with
parents also creates problem because the children fill this vacancy from some other source, either good
or bad which also creates the gap of understanding between the parents and children. The technological
gadgets, electronic media and entertainment industry are other reasons for generation gap as the
people are involved so much in them that they do not connect with even their family members. Lack of
mutual understanding, difference of age or experience and atmospheric changes are also the reasons of
generation gap. Language, work area, area of interests, styles, fashioning etc also causes generation gap.Generation gap affects the physical and mental health of a person very badly. Due to lack of
communication and understanding between old and young people, the people of old age become
isolated from the outer world which is physically and mentally not good for them. Misunderstandings
and lack of emotional feelings among the member of family emerge due to generation gap. Due to lack
of understanding, children forget their moral values that their parents are following from too long. And
unfortunately the children get addicted to some bad habits like smoking, drugs or alcohol and much
more immoral things to remove their loneliness. These addictions are much dangerous to the physical as
well as mental health of a person.
In spite we blame each other for different values and morals, we need to understand each other. It is
not about what is right or wrong. It’s all about the understanding which can make everyone satisfy and
happy. Lack of communication is the biggest problem. So spending time with each other and try to
understand the area of interest of others can remove the gap. Parents should understand the child as a
child themselves, and understand their psyche and treat them accordingly. The children should also care
for the morals of their parents. Parents are required to keep updated with the technical changes so that
they can easily answer their child in any technical issue. This will help them easily to cope up with their
child in all manners. Nothing is impossible if we try for it.
Along with a main cause to many problems, generation gap is actually an interesting concept. The world
would have actually been quite dull without this concept. Each generation follows its own trends,
introduces its own slangs, new fashion, influences the development of science and technology and
comes up with fresh and new ideas and so on.
Imagine the time when older generations taught their children the meaning of APPLE and BLACKBERRY.
And now picture has changed. Now the parents used to teach their children the specifications and
features of APPLEs and BLACKBERRYs. Perhaps instead of finding the flaws in other generations, we
must observe and accept how is every generation is different from other and try to understand them.