Walk alerts people to dengue virus

MANSEHRA: People organised an awareness raising walk about dengue virus, Thursday.

Holding banners and placard, the participants reached deputy commissioner office after passing through various roads and routes. District Nazim Sardar Said Ghulam led the march.

Dr Nasir, a specialist of dengue and infectious diseases, said that the Health Department with the support of local government was working for elimination the dengue virus in the district. He said that anti-dengue virus spray was being ensured in every nook and corner in the district. Speaking on the occasion, Nazim Sardar Said Ghulam said that representatives of village and neighbourhood councils, tehsils and district councils were busy in eradicating dengue virus.

Local Government Assistant Director Ziaur Rehman Jadoon said that LG government director general had involved representatives in efforts to completely eradicate the dengue virus.