An Interview with Uzair Hayat: Boxing Player & Coach in Hazara University

Q: 1: Tell us about yourself and your qualification?
Ans: I am Uzair Hayat, student of BS 3rd semester in Telecommunication Department Hazara University Mansehra. I belong to the beautiful zone of Batkhela city, Malakand KP.

Q: 2: From which personality you inspired and start Boxing?
Ans: I was greatly inspired by my teacher in 2006 who was the best boxer of our school. At that time I was in second class when I saw him playing Boxing match. After that I joined permanent classes of Boxing from that teacher and in this way he became my Boxing coach also.

Q: 3: In our country as we know that no one prefer boxing as compared to other games, then why you chose this game for your future?
Ans: I wanted to do something different from others. I chose boxing game for me because I know that I have the capability to make a history and my own name in this game not only at National level but international level too.

Q: 4:- How many players you have in your Academy here in Hazara University?
Ans: In starting I just have 1 player whom I provided full training and then afterwards students came and joined my academy and showed their interest and talent. Now Alhamdulillah I have 17 players in my Academy and I hope soon it will be more than I expected.

Q: 6:- How many rounds boxing game have?
Ans: In Pakistan Boxing game has 3 rounds. Every round’s timing is 3 minutes. In these 3 minutes boxers fight with each other in ring (Boundary). After every 3 minutes there is a break of 30 seconds for the relaxation of boxing fighters.

Q: 5: what is a golden point in boxing?
Ans: From chest to head at any part a boxer can get a golden point during the game. The Boxer when punch and the rival cannot block his punch and the boxer clear hit him then that is the moment when boxer got the golden point.

Q: 7: You remained boxing player and now you are serving as a boxing coach, which life is easy for you?
Ans: When I was player and playing in ring that was my amazing moments in life ever. And now I am serving as a coach, I tell you, the life of player is too easy and comfortable as compared to a coach. Coach has responsibility and have to look after each and every player and solve their difficulties while a player just focus on its game.

Q: 8: What are the qualities you think that a coach must have?
Ans: First of all discipline is must for a coach. He has the sportsman spirit and bear any sort of mistake of their players and he has the quality to train his players for fight in the ring. A coach is a mentor and ideal of their players, so he must be punctual, sincere and have the neutral with all the players.

Q: 9: Who is your favorite international player in Boxing?
Ans: I am the crazy fan of Amir Khan and I feel really very proud when he plays in ring. I observe and copy his every punch and then apply it in my own game.


Q: 10: As a coach, who is the player in Hazara University that you have a lot of expectations from him in future?

Ans:  Attaullah who is studying in Telecommunication Department and Saeed Anwar, studying in Computer Science Department. These two are really talented players and I have a lot of expectations from them in future. I am sure In sha Allah these two will be the star players in future.

Interviewed by Yasir, Wajid, Sheema and Kalsoom