Interview with Mr. Tariq Anwar, Lecturer in Political Science, Hazara University

Q.1. Tell us about yourself and your qualification?
Ans. I am Tariq Anwar Khan, lecturer in Department of Political Science, Hazara University
Mansehra. I belong to a beautiful and mountainous zone of Batagram, Hazara Division KPK. I
got my primary education from Seena Public School Batagram, in the year 2000, I did my Matric
from Pine Hills Public School Abbottabad, and completed FSC in 2002 and graduated in 2004
from Edwards College Peshawar, securing good marks.
Q.2. From which universities you got higher education?
Education particularly higher education has a huge role in personal development as well as due
to higher education, the nation can attain top rank in the eyes of the world. I had done my
Masters in Political Science and also completed L.L.B from Peshawar University. In 2014, I got
my M.Phil. Degree from Hazara University Mansehra and now I am doing Ph.D. from Punjab
University, Lahore.
Q.3. Why you have chosen teaching as a profession?
Teaching is a profession that teaches all the other professions. All the sciences, all the arts and
crafts and all the civilizations and cultures are due to the teaching. In fact teaching is the noble
profession. I have more likeness and regard of teaching profession because it was the profession
of our Holy Prophet (SAW) as He preached the message of Allah. Another thing is that teaching
is a wonderful profession by which we make heroes and groom the individuals in such a way that
make the society a better place to live.  Teaching broadens and illuminates the dark corners of
human heart and mind. Teaching tries to show the humanity the road of progress and prosperity.
Q.4. What is the topic of your PhD research?
Knowledge has a beginning but no end and PhD needs vast knowledge and I want to get more
knowledge so that others have a chance to light their candles in it. My PhD research topic is
“Intra-federating Unit Water Disputes: A Case Study of Pakistan”.
Q.5. which kind of student you were in your childhood?
Childhood is the formative stage of life and it is free from cares, worries and anxieties. I really
enjoyed my childhood and in fact miss it. I remained one of the outstanding students from the
very first class till FSc not only in curricular activities but extra-curricular activities too. All the
credit goes to my beloved parents and respected teachers.

Q.6. How is your teaching experience in Hazara University?
Experience is just like a teacher of all things and every experience makes me grow. My
experience in Hazara University is superb. This University has got such a conducive and
educative environment that I feel so proud and enjoy teaching here. The students are regular, the
staff and colleagues are much cooperative. I feel contented. This experience ensured me that
teaching was a right choice for my career
Q. 7. How you communicate with your students?
I try to create such kind of environment in classroom that students can easily discuss with me the
topic and I try to involve every student in discussion. I always encourage the students because
they need encouragement the most. They have abundant pressures on them from parents,
teachers, exams, tutorials etc. To cope with such pressures, some words of encouragement or
praise will be really helpful for students.
Q.8. Who is your favourite leader/personality?
Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto is my favourite personality. He was a brave, courageous and dynamic as well
as got a charismatic personality. He stood not only for his cause but also took responsibility and
motivated other individuals for the progress of the nation and it is a symbol of true and great
leader. He had done great contribution in making Pakistan prosperous.
Q.9. What do you do in your leisure time?
I like to read newspaper every day because newspaper is almost the first thing that greets you in
the morning. It is just like the peoples’ parliament and mirror of society. Since 1993, I started
reading of daily Nawa-e- Waqt newspaper. It helps me a lot by keeping me up-to- date about
every news of all over the world and it extends the bounds of my knowledge and make me feel
that I am a part of the living world.
Q.10. Any message for the students?
My message for students is that life is a precious gift of Allah. Don’t waste your time because
time once gone can never be recalled. Make your present-day fruitful then your future will bright
and enlighten. Work hard to fulfil your dreams. Expecting to get a good job without studying
hard is like expecting to win a marathon without running it. Believe in yourself and ignore
everyone who says you can’t do it. There is no shortcut to success. Awake today and strive for
your targets, you can be a winner for sure.

By Online Team