Article on” I Wish to be a Child Again!”

                                           I Wish to be a Child Again!

Yes, it is true when a person becomes young or old; he wishes to be a child again because of many reasons like when society is killing his dreams, or when he is in trouble. Childhood is an age always full of fun, relaxation; tension free, no duties, no responsibilities and carelessness about future. When a person faces problems and difficulties in his life then he wants to get rid of it and that’s why he wishes to be a child again. Every person in this universe is suffering due to his wishes, desires, grief sometimes from family and friends and it a part of life and nobody is wondered about his life, so we can say that this is natural phenomenon. When new born baby comes to this world, he weeps and this is natural process and when he is going back from this world, at the same time he weeps too. A person is in his childhood, he is non- serious, careless, innocent and naughty as well but when he is grown up and leaves his childhood and reaches in puberty stage, he already committed so many mistakes but when he is stepping forward in his practical life, he realizes all his mistakes that he committed in his past. Alas! Now he cannot do anything correct because time has been passed and time never stop for anyone in the universe. But when he is not succeeded in his mission then at that times he really wants to be a small child again and wants to come back where no worries, tensions, responsibilities and duties exist.

Article by: – Momina Nusrat