Artical on If “Telepathy Worked”

What if telepathy worked? Well before answering this question, I would like to explain the term “Telepathy” to those who don’t know what chaotic concept it really is. Telepathy is a fictional art which is thought to be a way to read minds and communicate thoughts and ideas by means other then known senses. Simply said telepathy is a way to read minds of other and knowing what they are thinking, well thank God it is fictional because if it was real, I for one would get punched often by a lot of people if they knew what my precious thoughts are about them. Just imagine your inner chaotic world displayed to the world and you can understand my point. We all have some dirty secrets and messed up desires which we hid from the whole world, there are things we can’t share with anyone not even with bestest of our friends. For that I would say that human mind is really a freak show! Don’t agree? Let me give you a few examples. There must be a time in your life when you are sitting in your college/university café and you see a guy/girl enter that you hate for no apparent reason (we all hate at least one person for no reason) and you start to wonder about some really bad and sometimes violent things from which that person could get hurt. That example doesn’t apply to you? Let me give you another one and it’s about the secret “crushes” we all had on a person in a certain point in our life, what if they knew you had a crush on them God wouldn’t it be embracing as heck? If that example doesn’t apply to you too (which is impossible by the way) but let assume another one. We all have done or thought of doing things we are now not very much proud of, what if these “things” are out and everyone would know about them? My parent’s would certainly kill me in this case scenario.

On the other hand if we could read peoples mind knew what they are hiding behind those lovely smiles and gestures believe me it would be really hurtful, this is exactly the reason a wise man once said “ignorance is a bliss”. Sometimes and in some cases not knowing is the best thing.

So if telepathy worked life would be really hard (which already is enough hard). But that is what I think. What do you think? I will leave you with this question.

Artical Written by:-  momina nusrat Student of BS Hons 2nd